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100% Cocoa Butter Lewis 200 Gram

Lewis fruit based confectionery is made from minced, dried fruit which is then blended with sucrose, glucose, wheat cereals and coconut.
We also make a range of No Added Sugar dried fruit products, too, where the only sweetening is from the natural sugars in the fruit itself. Cane sugar and glucose are not used.
Because we make both the carob, chococlate or yoghurt coating as well as the fruit centre we produce a variety of products.
For example, you can choose from a regular yoghurt coated regular fruit ball which contains sugar in both the centre and coating or Nas Yoghurt coated regular fruitball or Nas Yoghurt coated NAS fruitball where the fruitball centre is made without sugar or glucose.
Retail Price: $12.50
   Our Price: $10.12