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Acai Berry Blend Powder Nutra Organics 200 Gram

Acai pronounced (ah-sigh-ee) is only found high on top palm trees in the Amazon rainforest of South America. This superfood has extraordinary antioxidant concentration, omega 3,6,9, essential fatty acids, amino acids, anthocyanins and more!

The Acai berries used in this product have been harvested by local families, which also means rural community and grower co-operative are empowered through FAIR TRADE PRICING.

Nutra Organics have sourced the most wholesome and potent grade of certified organic Acai berries, which are selected, snap frozen and then freeze dried for maximum antioxidant retention.
The huge health benefits of the Acai berry are awesome, ranging from helping people who suffer from sleep related problems to increasing the vitality of your general health and wellbeing. The presence of anthocyanins in the Acai berry means that there are also benefits for your nervous system, connective tissue and blood vessels. The Acai berry also has restorative powers, which help to maintain the presence of vitamins already in the body, which can be lost through a number of processes. As such you can notice overall health improvements.
Acai Berry 150vcaps Nutra Organics 150vcaps
Acai Berry Blend Powder 200g Nutra Organics 200g
Retail Price: $51.85
   Our Price: $40.96