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Laurel Bay Essential Oil

Laurel Bay Essential Oil 100% pure natural quality oil is extracted from Laurus nobilis by steam distillation of leaves and twigs. Laurel Bay oil help the digestive system, migraines treatment, headaches, insulin production, rheumatism, amenorrhea, arthritis, colds and stomach pain. Laurel bay oil can also be use by manufacturers in production of freshners, soap, body fragrance, soaps, perfumes hair treatments and facial oils. Laurel bay essential oil blends well with other oils like rosemary, bergamot, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, cypress, lavender, pine, clary sage, juniper, ylang ylang and juniperberry.

Laurel Bay Essential Oil
Mediterana Laurel Bay Essential Oil 9ml

Mediterana Laurel Bay Essential Oil 9ml

Retail Price: $19.80
Our Price: $15.84